Crossword Wizard - step 1

Crossword dimensions...

Number of clues...

Instructions to make the example crossword below.

Step 1

This crossword has a width and height of 4. It has 2 across clues and 2 down clues. The data fields should looks as follows...

Step 2

First type in the crossword letters in their correct positions.

Then add the clue numbers/directions. These have the following format:

[clue_number] [clue_direction]

For example:
One down would be
Two across would be
Three across and down would be    
1d (d = down)
2a (a = across)
3b (b = both)

The layout should now look like this...

In the above example, the first square contains "1bf". Number "1" because it is the first clue. "b" because the clue is both across and down. The letter "f" is the first letter of "fine" and "four".

Now fill in the clues. Clues have the following format:

[clue_number] [clue_question] [clue_answer]

Once this has been done, press "View source code". This will show you the HTML code necessary to make the crossword. Select and copy the code and place it in an HTML document and save it in the same folder as the "crossword" files.

You now have a web based crossword.