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QCards - Computer revision cards

Welcome to the QCards homepage. QCards is an electronic system of revision cards to help you learn or memorise things. Originally created to help me learn Portuguese, it can be used to learn or memorise almost anything.

example screen shot

There are many advantages to using an electronic version over the humble paper version - qcards are easy to make and organise, they can keep scores, they can give you hints, they can be distributed to other people, they can force you to write the answers which helps memorisation, they can ask the same question in various ways, they can accept a variety of answers, questions can be asked in random or predefined order...

example question card


  • It's free. QCards has no restrictions of use and is totally free.
  • It's simple to use. The user interface consists of just one button (which you click to obtain each new question card).
  • It's flexible. QCards can ask a question in many different ways and will accept any number of correct answers for the same question. It will answer questions in random or predefined order. It can force the user to write the answer or just show the answer to them.
  • New cards are quick and easy to create. QCards has an integrated question editor and comes with several example cards to help you get started.

Version details: QCards version 1.0 by Jan Mulder 1998-2002.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 3.1/95/NT, 386 processor (486 or higher recommended), 8Mb RAM (16Mb for Windows NT), 500K free hard disk space, VGA display or higher.

Uninstall: Yes (from Windows 95 version only) - Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

Download QCards...

  • Download QCards 16 bit version (Windows 3.1)
  • Download QCards 32 bit version (Windows 95/98/2000/XP)

    You will need the following registration key after installation: 1248-1248

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