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JMailbox - Free Webmail Client

JMailbox is a complete web based email client written in 100% ASP using the JMail API. No other components or DLLs are required.

JMailbox is not a replacement for your usual email client at home. Rather it is the ideal companion for when you are travelling and still need full access to your email. With JMailbox you can send and receive mail from any POP account from any computer with internet access.

Don't rely on third party services and companies - take control of your email with JMailbox.

It is very easy to install and use. Just unzip all the files and place them in a single folder on your website. To get it to work you just have to change the relevant server/password details in one file and that's it!

Some of the features:

  • 100% ASP - no DLL/ActiveX download.
  • Uses standard POP3 and SMTP for receiving and sending.
  • Only needs JMail installed (no components such as ASPUpload needed)
  • Compose, reply, forward, delete messages
  • Messages are kept on the mail server.
  • Send and receive multiple attachments
  • Show new messages in red
  • Show Attachments in inbox
  • View HTML format messages
  • Inbox cached for faster re-loading
  • Accepts name@domain.com style usernames
  • Friendly login error messages
  • ...see version info included for more details...

Go to JMailbox download site...

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