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JWeblinks - Web Based Links Manager

JWeblinks is an advanced links/bookmarks manager. The links are ordered in groups similar to the Yahoo directory structure. Your links/bookmarks can be searched using either title or description words.

To see a working example look at http://JanMulder.co.uk which uses JWeblinks as it's basic links engine.

Throw all the files in any folder. For example:


And that's it!

To edit links either click on the "login" icon (top right corner) or go to the page http://mydomain.com/mylinks/admin/

The password is: opensesame

In CONFIG.ASP you can change the following values to suit your needs...

numCols  = 2               ' Number of columns in the index page 
SiteName = "MyDomain.com"  ' This shows in the title 
HomeName = "My Links"      ' The links start page name

I have also loaded the database with a few examples just to get you started. These can be easily deleted or moved from the admin page.

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